The Buddhist Forum 2019

Autumn is one of the best seasons to visit Japan. The weather is crisp and mild, there is an abundance of delicious fruits. Of course, you can enjoy fresh sushi if you're not a vegetarian. So why don't we make a trip there this autumn? Here’s an announcement for a Pure Land Buddhism convention, Ho'on'ko*. It's going to be held mid-October in Toyama Prefecture in Japan. For those who would like to attend, here's the best travel plan for you.


*Ho'on'ko: a Pure Land Buddhist annual convention which is held to repay the debt of gratitude for Master Shinran's* birth. Usually, it's held in October.


*Master Shinran: a Japanese Buddhist monk who was alive 800 years ago in Japan, and the founder of Pure Land Shin Buddhism


Lectures will be given at the 2,000-Tatami-Mat* Hall, the largest hall in the world for listening to Buddhism. This hall was built for the sole purpose of listening to Buddhism.


*Tatami-Mat: a tatami is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms, the surface of which is made of soft rush, so it gives off a good smell. 


After the convention, we will have a short-term training course at the Buddhist academy, the purpose of which is to give lectures on how to practice Buddhism. All these enthusiastic Buddhists are welcome.


Wednesday, October 16, 2019: Arrival in Japan

 (Narita International Airport, Kansai International Airport--arrive in Toyama in the afternoon).

Thursday, October 17: Preparation for the convention, watch a film

Friday, October 18: Cultural exchange party

Saturday, October 19: Day-1 of Buddhist Convention

Sunday, October 20: Day-2 of Buddhist Convention


Monday, October 21: Gathering of Shinran Gakutos* from abroad

*Shinran Gakuto: a student who learn the teachings of Pure Land Shin Buddhism


Tuesday, October 22 to Friday, October 19: Training course at the Buddhist Academy. Overnight stay at Awara Onsen* hotel on the 25th.(Not decided)

Saturday, October 26: Lecture on how to share Buddhism

*Onsen: an onsen is a Japanese hot spring and the bathing facilities and inns frequently situated around them. 

Sunday, October 27: autumn-leaf viewing at a popular sight-seeing destination

Monday, October 28: Departure from Japan


(There might be a change of plan)


If arriving at Narita International Airport or Kansai International Airport the cost is $1,500 USD.  If arriving at Toyama Airport the cost is $1,300 USD


The total cost includes transportation expenditure to and from the airport in Japan, transportation fees within Japan, lodging, participation fee of the convention, the fee for the dinner party, and the participation fee for the training course.

■ Our local staffs will meet you at the airport

Our staff will go to Narita and Kansai International Airport, and we will guide you to the Buddhist Convention in Toyama, so you needn’t worry.


We will enjoy delicious Japanese food, without additives. All meals are included in the fee.

■ At the dinner meeting we will eat Japanese food together.

We will enjoy delicious Japanese food, without additives. All meals are included in the fee.

■ The lectures are given in the 2,000 Tatami Mat Hall.

There are no pillars in the lecture hall that may obstruct your view and it is fully equipped with air conditioning and an audio system for listening to Buddhism in several languages.


We will listen to the Buddhist teacher whose book, You Were Born for a Reason, has sold more than one million copies in Japanese.

The film is about Buddhism, and has been seen by a large number of people in Japan. We will watch the film in a special theater with the best possible audio system and picture quality.

■ We will watch the film “Why Live?” whith subtitles,  which has been shown all over Japan. 

The film is about Buddhism, and has been seen my a large number of people in Japan. We will watch the film in our cinema with the best audio system and picture quality possible. 

■ We will also visit Yoshizaki Gobo Temple, which is the setting of the above-mentioned movie.

In the past, people all over Japan came to Yoshizaki Gobo to listen to Buddhism, and we will visit this place.


At a hot spring facility (Onsen), we will experience Japanese culture by tasting delicious Japanese food and wearing yukata (a kind of informal cotton kimono).

In onsen , we may taste delicious Japanese food, wearing yukata(an informal cotton kimono) .

At the Onsen we will experience Japanese culture by tasting delicious Japanese food and wearing yukata (a kind of informal cotton kimono). 

■ the scenery of Buddhist academy

In the Buddhist academy, we will experience a part of the training of Buddhist teachers.

■ A walking tour for viewing Japanese maples,

and enjoying the autumn weather

We will enjoy the scenery highlighted by the Japanese Maple, which can only be seen in Japan. 

If you would like to attend the event, please fill out the application form and press the “Send” button.


If you would like to go but lack the necessary funds, you  may enter a composition competition and may receive some aid if you win. 


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