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【Introduction to Buddhist philosophy course】
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Thank you for registering on "electronic course of Buddhism."
I Tomonori Maruyama, Buddhism teacher.
Buddhism met when attending the university. As a student I discovered how wonderful was this teaching and wanted to convey to a larger number of people. I became professor of Buddhism and today I dedicate myself to work to disclose it to people who want to know about the "purpose of life".

Buddhism is the doctrine that solves their problems.
The Buddha's teachings have resulted in over 7,000 sutras, precisely because through his Buddha talks was responding to the anguish and suffering of each.
With this "electronic course" you can know the Buddha's teachings.
How did he respond to the difficulties and how it led people to find the solution?
Take the story of a woman who lived at the time of Sakyamuni.

Kisa Gotami lost her son and was led by the Buddha through his teachings
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At the time when Buddha Sakyamuni lived, a beautiful woman married and gave birth to a perfect baby. She was a devoted mother, but one day the boy became ill and died.
In a paroxysm of pain, she pressed the little body of her baby to her breast and left the village where he lived, wondering if someone could bring her son back to life.
All who saw it were moved to tears.
Finally, not knowing what to do, showed him the place where he lived Sakyamuni. She immediately went looking for her and begged, in tears, to bring her son back to life.

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What would you respond to this woman to solve their suffering?
Kisa Gotami went deranged looking for someone who could make his son back to breathe. Of course, doing this was impossible. On the other hand they could not say that her son was dead. Thus they indicated the Buddha Sakyamuni saying that he might be able to help her. Immediately she went looking for her.
Buddha replied softly, "I understand how you feel. If you want your beloved son back, do what I say. Go and bring me a handful of poppy seeds from a house where no one has yet died. Once you do, bring your child back to life. "
Relieved, the woman ran into the city. But wherever he went, his desire is frustrated. "My father died last year," one person said. "I lost my husband this year," said another. "My son died the day before yesterday," someone said. All houses had poppy seeds, but no one was free of death. Still, the sad mother did not give up: kept running madly in search of a house where no one had died. Finally, darkened. Exhausted, she crawled back to the place where he lived Sakyamuni.
"Did not find poppy seeds?" He asked.
"No, because death was in every house I visited. I understood, after all, my son also died. "
"This mesmo.Todos die. The fact is clear, but people do not see. "
"It's true," the woman said. "I was blind. If I had not done that I spent so would never have understood. Please tell me how someone so foolish as I can save. "
Since then, she began to listen carefully to the words of the Buddha.


It is a very famous story that occurred at the time of the Buddha Sakyamuni.
The way Buddha preaches the truth Gotami is noted huge differences between Buddhism and the concept of people about religions.
How do they differ?
Difference 1: In a case similar to the story of Gotami, people in general, talk about miracles to resurrect the child, and so try to convert to their religion.
But what Buddha Sakyamuni did has nothing to do with miracles.
"People die, and die as there is no return to this world." He preaches this logical and universal principle to lead people understand this irreversible fact.
Kisa Gotami understood this principle and only just managed to get out of his world of suffering and walk towards happiness.

Difference 2: Buddhism is a doctrine that was preached to make those who suffer can achieve true happiness.
Buddha addressed to individuals and taught them how to find the solution for every trouble and so their sermons were compiled from over 7,000 sutras.
Surely, you will find the answer to their problems in any of them. This is to read all the sutras.
But not everyone can read this voluminous work.
So we offer a course that explains the important parts contained in the sutras.
Let's study together.


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Buddhism teaches the way of salvation for people who suffer.
The Sakyamuni Buddha himself stared at the suffering and sought the solution.
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