Get Out of the Cycle of Toying with the Ideas in Your Head

There are people who accuse us saying: “You think we can do good deeds?” From Buddha’s perspective, all human good is stained with poison. That’s why in the Amida Sutra, Buddha teaches that through practicing any good deeds possible for humans, one cannot go to the Pure Land of Amida. However, it absolutely doesn’t mean that it is okay to do evil. The attitude of not striving to do good with the excuses, “it is all stained with poison anyway” is a complete misunderstanding idea of Buddhism. “Stained with poison” is what Buddha says. For humans to say that it is like a thief scolding another thief. Even though it is stained with poison, a good deed is a good deed. A seed that is sown will always grow, but an unsown seed will never grow. Good seeds yield good fruits, bad seeds yield bad fruits, one’s seeds will bear fruits to oneself. The law of cause and effect operates unerringly. The attitude of parroting someone who has attained salvation, saying, “We are unable to do good,” without ever trying it, is called “playing around with ideas in our head.” Those who trample the law of cause and effect, which runs through the Complete Sutras, will never understand Master Shinran’s teaching—the core essence of Buddhism.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #29 | 2013, Get Out of the Cycle of Toying with the Ideas in Your Head

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