The Path with a Point of Completion

A magnificent local Shinran Center has been built in Kumagaya City, my hometown. It was there that I could listen to the teachings of Master Shinran from Takamori-sensei. The construction of a Shinran Center so close to my house was beyond my expectation. I feel it’s such a wondrous thing.

The meaning of ‘faith that has a point of completion’ is true faith that has a point of ‘graduation’ or ‘achievement’. Whether one has attained true faith or not is solely determined by whether or not one’s doubt toward Amida Buddha’s Vow has cleared up. This is ‘shingi keppan’.

Until the split second of ‘shingi keppan’, we are moved forward on the path while still having doubts. It was revealed to me that we proceed on the path while ‘believing’ until the point when all of our doubts are dispelled. I would like to share this joy of knowing that there is a path in life that has a point of completion and invite people to The 2,000-Tatami-Mat Hall and the Kumagaya Center.

by Ryohei Suwa, Tokyo

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #34 | 2013, The Path with a Point of Completion

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