The Immense Gratitude We Owe to the Great Master of Buddhism

The Hymn of The True Faith

I n the introduction to Shoshinge, The Hymn of The True Faith, Master Shinran wrote as follows. “Kimyo Muryoju Nyorai, Namu Fukashigiko.” He cried out, “I have been saved by Amida Buddha! I have been rescued by Amida Buddha!” Here, he expressed his great joy at having been saved by Amida Buddha in this life.

In Shoshinge, Master Shinran wrote about the benevolence of Amida Buddha, who saved him into absolute happiness, and his gratitude towards the teachers that led him correctly to salvation by Amida.

If we compare the benevolence of Amida Buddha to a reservoir and the immense efforts of the true masters to a water pipe, you will be able to understand about them easily.

A long time ago, people would draw water from a well when they needed some. Today, you just turn a faucet, and you will have plenty of water. That is because there is a reservoir.

First of all, there must be a pond that stores water. If not, no matter how many times you turn a faucet, no water will come out. However, no matter how full of water the pond is, it just being there is not enough for water to reach you. A water pipe is required.

Water comes out from a faucet in your house because there is a water pipe that directs water to your house.

If there is a hole in a water pipe or if a pipe has been disconnected, water will not get to you. Those who conveyed the Vow of Amida Buddha were Śākyamuni Buddha, Nagarjuna Bodhisattva, Vasubandhu Bodhisattva, Master Tan-luan, Master Tao-cho, Master Shan-tao, Master Genshin, Master Honen, Master Shinran, Master Kakunyo, and Master Rennyo. Those successive true masters taught it correctly.

It is none other than their immense efforts that have enabled us to nurture our bonds with Buddhism. We cannot help but rejoice in gratitude towards them.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #45 | 2014, The Immense Gratitude We Owe to the Great Master of Buddhism

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