Crimes Committed Due to Ignorance

Listening to a lecture on the Law of Cause and Effect, what stood out the most for me was how wrong it is for a criminal to think, “Now that I’ve killed one person and have to face death penalty, I might as well kill 10 or 100 more people because I’ll only face the death penalty once.” This may be the rationale held by many people who kill indiscriminately.

I learned that this wrong way of thinking arises from a lack of knowledge regarding the existence of the future world, or, in other words, the three worlds. Their misunderstanding is caused by a belief that death erases all their sins. As a result, they end up committing more crimes. There is nothing more horrifying than ignorance. We plant terrible seeds unknowingly, yet we still have to harvest their results at some point in time.

Every day we hear an unstopping flow of news reports on terrorism and murder. But if more people knew about the existence of the Law of Cause and Effect that permeates the three worlds, our world would have become so different from how it is today. Only those to whom the truth is revealed can share the truth with the world.

Takahiro Habe

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #51 | 2015, Crimes Committed Due to Ignorance

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