The Purpose of Life Became Even Clearer

Unlocking Tannisho is full of Wisdom. I feel the same wisdom, the same sense of amazement in Unlocking as I feel when listening to Takamori Sensei’s lectures. Something deep inside me tells me I encountered the truth. I am amazed that Takamori Sensei is saying exactly what Master Shinran has said. The purpose of life, which is to acquire true faith, becomes very clear to me when I read Unlocking in English. Ordinary things we complain about everyday be- come so trivial when I read Unlocking, knowing the great purpose of life.

Naomi Chiba, USA

My Husband is Moved by Chapter 5

When I gave my husband Chris the book Unlock- ing Tannisho, he was just amazed how wonderful of a book it is. I was overfilled with joy that now my husband can deepen his under- standing of Buddhism even more. He was most moved by the words in chapter 5 that once we are saved by Amida, we are enabled to deliver the true teachings to our deceased parents and our children.

Teruko Omori, USA

The Faith of All Human Beings

“Over this hill, no matter how steep and winding it is, happiness lies waiting.” Clinging to this hope, all human beings are suffering and living. This is the firm and unchanging faith of humans anywhere and anytime.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #05 | 2011, The Purpose of Life Became Even Clearer

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