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Let All Humankind Know “Why We Live”

The Celebration of Master Shinran’s Birth (May 19 & 20)

Blessed with beautiful weather May 19 – 20, the celebration of Master Shinranʼs birth, Gotan-e, was held at The 2000-Tatami-Mat Hall. The Hall was filled with Shinran followers, all vowing to Master Shinran that they would convey to all humankind “why we live.” The lecture theme was based on the hymn, “Of the time of the five defilements.”

The conclusion of Śākyamuni Buddhaʼs teaching is ikko sennen muryojubutsu (Believe only in Amida, the Buddha of Infinite Life) – believe only in Amida Buddha and you will be saved. When this is taught, fierce suspicion, censure, and persecution will certainly arise from all – both priests and laymen.

Master Shinranʼs life is living proof of such a thing. Master Shinranʼs eating meat and taking a wife was harshly criticized by all. However, it was an attempt to convey the message, “All humans, who are filled with blind passions, have no chance of salvation without Amida Buddha.” Throughout the world, fellow Buddhists were moved to tears by the debt of gratitude towards the Master and his preparedness to accept the death penalty for his actions.

In the annual speech contest, participants including an eighty year old man attending the Hall for the first time and followers of less than a year declared their joy and desire to convey Buddhism. It was a symbolic contest showing the rapid increase in the number of “refugees of True Pure Land Buddhism,” those seeking the true teaching of Master Shinran.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #18 | 2012, Faith Only in Amida

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