The Three Karmas

Q. What are the three karmas?

A. Karma of the body Karma of the mouth Karma of the mind

‘Karma’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘deeds’. The ‘three karmas’ are karma of the body, karma of the mouth, and karma of the mind. These sum up all of our deeds.

Karma of the body Deeds that we do with our bodies.

Karma of the mouth Words that we speak with our mouths.

Karma of the mind Thoughts that we think with our minds.

The deeds of the body, mouth, and mind turn into invisible, indestructible energy. This is called ‘indestructible karmic energy’. This ‘karmic energy’ becomes a cause, and, when combined with the right condition, brings about our own fate (results). A ‘condition’ is something that helps a cause give rise to an effect.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #39 | 2014, The Three Karmas

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