I’m Truly Happy When I’m Listening to Buddhism

When I started to work for a company, I felt different than before about the words “life is a sea that is difficult to cross.” We use half of the day for work and another half for getting rest from the work. Do we work to live or live to work? I feel empty when I think that my life will be mostly spent for work.

I couldn’t agree more when I heard that having to keep living without understanding “why we live” is painful. Everybody lives hoping to unload their burden, but no matter how much we wish to do so, we cannot. We cannot even take a break from it; we have to keep trudging on while weighed down by this burden. When I heard about this, I felt it was exactly how my life is.

There is a great ship that will carry us across the sea that is difficult to cross. Once we board that ship, the sea that is difficult to cross will become a bright and wide ocean. I now have a clear destination in my life: I was born to board this ship. The more I understand the suffering of life, the more I cannot help but rejoice over knowing the purpose of life. When I think about the existence of the ship of Amida’s compassionate Vow, I feel motivated to move towards that ship, despite all difficulties. The time when I’m listening to Buddhism is the time when I feel really happy.

Ayasa Yamazaki, Nagano Prefecture

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #40 | 2014, I’m Truly Happy When I’m Listening to Buddhism

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