The Law of Cause & Effect to English-speaking World

Holding an English draft of The law of Cause & Effect, she says with a smile on her face, “This means a lot to me.” Her name is Nichola Gant from England. During her two-week stay in Toyama, she memorized the draft completely and learned how to give a lecture including how to write on the blackboard, etc. “I have always beWang Shunda, a Singaporean in his twenties, likes Japanese manga and games very much and he even passed level one of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. He dislikes religions but is interested in philosophy. “Buddhism is logical and understandable,” says Shunda. He has been lieved that the law is something that never changes whenever and wherever you are, in the past, present and future, but I could not talk about it smoothly in a discussion. As I practiced talking following the draft, I learned the order and also the essential words. That gave me confidence to talk.” Right after, there was an online meeting with overseas Shinran followers and Nichola smoothly answered the questions such as “What is the meaning of cause and effect?” and “What is the law?” Everyone was impressed. “Few people know that happiness is an effect with its own cause. I would like to convey that to friends and family in England,” she said.

Missionary Sumie Ochiai in the translation department says, “I am hoping the young Shinran followers who aspire to teach Buddhism in English will convey true Buddhism with confidence. It would be great to have a tournament on giving lectures of Buddhism so we all can improve by learning from each other.”

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #15 | 2012, The Law of Cause & Effect to English-speaking World

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