A Record of Little Treasures

by Chise Kanda, Secretary of Takamori-sensei

On Intangible Treasure

Takamori-sensei: “The masses pursue tangible treasures, but intangible treasures are more amazing than tangible treasures. The greatest intangible treasure is, of course, the Peerless Treasure of Myogo (the Name). Buddhist teachings are also amazing intangible treasures. I recommend that you learn the teachings of Master Shinran thoroughly and attain these intangible treasures.

Intangible wealth never diminishes when you give it away, but only grows. It can never be lost, stolen by a thief, or destroyed by fire. You have no need to envy those who are rich with tangible wealth. In the end, the happiest are millionaires of the heart – those whose treasures are intangible." March 1991

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #50 | 2015, A Record of Little Treasures

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