The Reality of Me that Amida Buddha Has Seen Through

I learned from the Q&A session that the tiger of impermanence attacks suddenly. Ignorance of that makes our anxiety and fear of death last only temporarily. I understand how fleeting my awareness of impermanence is; therefore, I have to listen to Buddhism seriously. I was under the impression that I could be more sensitive towards impermanence if I made effort. But I was stunned to hear about the reality that human beings would never be surprised at impermanence. To think that I could be more sensitive to impermanence is to doubt how Amida Buddha perceived me. I used to be horrified to see my mind which is insensitive to death. But now I understand the most horrible mind is the mind that doubts Amida Buddha’s Vow, denying the reality that our true self doesn’t react to the impermanence at all. I am now even more enthusiastic to listen to Buddhism.

Takeshi Hashimoto, Gifu Prefecture

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