The Great Joy of Encountering the True Teacher of Buddhism

Thank you for your lecture for the youth convention in June. I was given a clear answer on the eternal problem of humanity. At the same time, I felt sorry you didn’t allow yourself any rest while on the stage.

As much as people despise death, we are all running full tilt towards death, even if we seem to have forgotten about death, thinking only about our short-term goals or anything that we crave to have. Even if all our wishes come true, such happiness will not last long. As a result we can never be satisfied. Still people don’t want to admit that those forms of happiness are like dreams and illusions that lose their brightness once we face death. They think they know the difference between the purpose of living and the means of living.

I, too, didn’t know that all I’m doing in my life is just pursuing the means of living, and my life itself is just a means to achieve the purpose. I didn’t know there is such a great purpose in life. But I met a true teacher of Buddhism, Takamori-sensei, who teaches that this life is like a sea that is difficult to cross and that we live in a burning house. It is also taught clearly what the Vow of Amida is: to make us enter the path of no hindrance. I feel great joy about this.

Thanks to Takamori-sensei, I can listen again and again to Master Shinran’s teachings that he expounded in the six volumes of Teaching, Practice, Faith, Enlightenment. I came to know about the goal of Buddhism, which is attaining assurance of birth in the Pure Land, and I also learned how we can reach that goal. I think I have to make more effort to guide people to the place where the light of Amida is shining, the place where Takamori-sensei gives lectures.

On this occasion, some followers in the US chapter invited their friends to their homes and joined the webinar together. Because of the cultural gap, I feel difficulties understanding the likes and dislikes of young people here. But I’d really like to share Buddhism with young people here. I’ll try to think of ways that would help people feel like coming again

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #31 | 2013, The Great Joy of Encountering the True Teacher of Buddhism

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