Amida’s Salvation is Unconditional

Alice Marsh Missionary

I was so grateful that you held a lecture for us the missionaries although you were extremely busy with writing your new book. I felt I received a lot of treasures and was filled with joy. Thank you very much.

When we hear that Amida’s salvation is unconditional, perfect and free, we have a strong urge to ask back, “What do you mean by free?” And at the same time, a strong doubt arises in our mind, “Why haven’t I been saved yet if Amida’s salvation is unconditional?” This is the self-power which has been the cause of the endless wheel of suffering. Because of this cause alone, we have been submerged and wandering for all these countless aeons without ever a chance for liberation. This is what I learned this time.

The five-fold teaching conveys to us Amida’s unconditional salvation, and itself is not the condition. I heard if someone considers it as a condition, it means this person himself is adding the condition. It was revealed to me that our minds are unfathomably deluded. I’d like to take the reality of impermanence seriously and listen to each lecture intently with a lot of gratitude.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #34 | 2013, Amida’s Salvation is Unconditional

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