Suffering will not be a Hindrance

Our lives are too short and suffering comes endlessly, one kind after another. It is just as Śākyamuni Buddha said: “Life is suffering.” People resign themselves to it, thinking it can’t be helped, and they put their all into dealing with the problems in front of them. In daily life we often regard certain things as the cause of suffering, but these things are actually “branches and leaves” of suffering. No-one imagines that there exists a “root” of suffering.

Amida Buddha examined us human beings who have been suffering for so long and discovered the “root” of our suffering. He then made a great promise to eliminate this “root cause” of suffering in a split second of “ichinen,” bring us aboard the great ship that sails across the sea of suffering, and save us into absolute happiness.

This salvation by Amida Buddha is called “Bakku Yoraku,” or eliminating people’s suffering and granting them joy. If we are saved as Amida Buddha promised, no worldly suffering will hinder us from going to the Pure Land, and suffering will turn into happiness.

Thanks to Amida Buddha, we received generous donations from Shinran Followers in the Tohoku region as well as the rest of Japan, so we were able to build a splendid Shinran Center. We will disseminate Master Shinran’s teachings from this Center

Daisuke Dohi, Miyagi Prefecture

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #49 | 2019, Suffering will not be a Hindrance

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