Showing the Animated Movie in Brazil

Touched by “The Tragedy at Rajagrha”

In Brazil, the animated movie “The Tragedy at Rajagrha” is becoming more popular and increasing numbers of people are coming to see the show. The schedule of the animation showing was announced by flyers and Shinran followers invited their friends. As a result more than 100 people came to see the show which played in three cities, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, and Suzano. We interviewed some people and the following are the most memorable impressions of the scene, recounted by the viewers. “Now I know the awfulness of the blind passions that even lead to kill an ascetic in order to have a child.” “I was quite touched by the scene that Queen Vaidehi was saved by Amida Buddha and then she even thanked Ajatasatru whom she had resented, and also Ajatasatru was so amazed at the extent of his mother’s transformation that he repented of his terrible misdeeds.”

“I have been suffering from mental illness for a long time. I thought that I would like Amida Buddha to save me.” A housewife in her 40’s attended a study session held a week later. She used to be a Christian but got tired of all the contradictions in the teaching and stopped going there. But now she is delighted to listen to Buddhism, saying the more she listens to Buddhism, the better she understands the teaching. Her child asked her, “Dad and mom work every day. Is there some meaning to repeat the same chores again and again? What do we live for?” But she couldn’t answer this question. She would like to learn the teaching here and tell her child, she said with a smile. As introduced above, there are many people in Brazil that are eager to know the truth.

By Yuji Shiba, Missionary in Brazil

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