October 16, 2019

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How the Law of Cause and Effect relates to present moment awareness

February 25, 2017

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Bound by Being a Shinran Follower?

July 14, 2019


During a recent celebration, Takamori-sensei answered the question, “I will be bound when I become a Shinran Follower, won’t I?” He taught us, “There is nothing to bind you at all. 


If anything, you will be bound by the power of Amida Buddha’s Vow. You were born to be bound by the power of Amida’s Vow and be saved by the power of Amida’s Vow.” I reflected on my misunderstanding. If I have nothing to be bound by, I will just fulfill my worldly passions and suffer continually. I have realized that Shinran-kai is a blissful circle where Amida Buddha binds me by his Vow at the risk of his life. 


I will introduce people to this wonderful circle that gives diamonds of Namu Amida Butsu, which makes us happy both in this present life and the future.


Source: The Buddhist Village Times #56 | 2015, Bound by Being a Shinran Follower?

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