A Clear Distinction from Self-Power Buddhism

The Buddhist Teacher Takashi Watanabe visited Taiwan on November 12 late at night. The following day, he held a meeting with Shinran Followers at the Taipei Shinran Center and explained about a commentary article in the Japanese BVT (October 15 edition). Ms. Shu Nenchen, who is one of the local leaders, asked a question in the meeting, which led to a discussion on one of the phrases from The Larger Sutra of the Buddha of Infinite Life about the rare blessing of having encountered true Buddhist teachers. We are very fortunate to have met one and now we have the important mission of telling others about this supreme law.

A lecture was given in Hualian on November 14 to mark the second anniversary of the Hualian Shinran Center. At the dinner meeting held the night before, Mr.Watanabe heard about the current state of Taiwanese Buddhism. Because of this, he taught during his lecture that Amida’s salvation does not come about through recitation of the Name but through listening and receiving the Name. Therefore, the object of reverence must be the Name and the only way to be saved by Amida is through listening to Buddhism.

The lecture made a clear distinction from self-power Buddhism, and some people who attended the lecture for the first time said, “Hearing that we can accomplish the purpose of life while we are alive brought tears to our eyes.” Shinran Followers gave speeches at the Hualian Shinran Center. Ms. Zhang Shu Ling gave a speech entitled “Salvation While We Are Still Alive” and Ms. Bian Jing Xia (pictured left) gave a speech entitled “The Bond with Amida Buddha.” Both speeches were received with applause from the audience.

Mr. Watanabe gave a lecture on November 15 at the Taipei Shinran Center. He explained that unless we turn to and believe in Amida Buddha, the king of all the buddhas, we cannot be saved. He also explained the four mindsets when listening to Buddhism: overcoming any hardships in order to listen, forgetting about food and clothing, listening with less intervals, and reminding ourselves of the teachings when we don’t have the opportunity to listen.

Ho’on’ko was held in the Taipei Shinran Center on November 16. The lecture was about “Amida Buddha’s Vow.” The speeches were made by Ms. Wang Shu Lin (pictured left) and Ms. Cheng Mei Ling.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #48 | 2015, A Clear Distinction from Self-Power Buddhism

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