A Strong Ray of Light in My Life

It was 30 years ago when the true teaching of Buddhism shone a ray of light into my bleak life. At that time, I could not imagine that I would one day be in my 50s, but time flies. Most of my friends got middle management positions. They are under heavy pressure from their bosses, handle complaints from their subordinates, and they cannot relax even in their homes. Some of them have committed suicide.

We will surely face betrayal by logs and boards one after another and whatʼs worse is that we cannot even keep our body strong forever. The word “aging” might mean that we lose vigor day by day to even find the strength to search for logs or boards to depend on.

There is an incurable disease which causes weakness of the muscles that we use for breathing. A patient dies within 3.5 years of the onset due to respiration failure. Our hopes diminish one by one as we age. I cannot even imagine the pain these patients go through. One may feel the end of his/her days, but canʼt do anything about it. I was stunned at this true figure of all human beings drowning in the sea of suffering.

Only the teaching of Master Shinran sheds a ray of light amid such a painful life. The light of Master Shinranʼs teaching shines more the older I get. I wonʼt waste this chance to listen to Buddhism, which is an opportunity that one is not blessed with even in myriad lifetimes.

First-class architect Kazunori Asakura

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #19 | 2012, A Strong Ray of Light in My Life

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