It was I Who was Lost, Not He

A Testimonial by Naomi Asada, Brazil

I started asking myself for what reason I was studying or had to work soon after I entered Sao Carlos National University. Is there any deeper meaning in life other than making money?

Being unable to find an answer, I landed a job that tackled environmental problems and aimed for improvement of my society. Since there was a need for technical knowledge at my work, I studied hard and as a result could enroll in Sao Paulo University. I thought I had a crystal-clear aim to enter the university this time; however, I was troubled with the same distress as last time. “Although we seek for happiness, why do we always end up in suffering?” I had no clue as to which direction to take in my life and the university life I used to enjoy turned into suffering.

One day, a Japanese man who seemed to have lost his way came up to me and said, “Have you ever thought of the purpose of life?” This was the time when I met with the teaching of Master Shinran for the first time. I did not know the reason why I was born. I was the one who was lost in life.

As if a fog in front of me had cleared up, the goal was made clear. I was also made aware that this was the exact reason why I had been suffering for. Happiness conveyed in Buddhism is the purpose of life and everything exists to attain that happiness. My life made a complete turn-around.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #23 | 2011, It was I Who was Lost, Not He

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