From USA to The Buddhist Village, This Summer, Too

“It is easy to listen to Buddhism here and is also good for health; this environment is blessed with all,” said Naomi Miyasaka with a smile, who came from California. She and her daughter Ayla stay at Dharma Wheel Residence every summer. They spend their days listening to Buddhism and working at the farm.

They usually plan to stay for two months, but they keep extending it every year. They came to Japan at the beginning of May this year (which is their fourth year) and plan to stay till October when Master Shinran’s 750th commemorative lecture will be held.

Ayla who is a fifth grader goes to a local school and helps with the farm work as well. “I always wanted my daughter and I be bonded by Japanese language so that we could tell each other Japanese jokes; that is why I taught her Japanese since she was small. Thanks to it, now, we can listen to Buddhism together,” said Miyasaka with joy.

She harvested snap peas which are grown at the organic farm and are full of nutrients: “These are the best vegetables in the world as are raised by people whose hearts are being nurtured by Amida Buddha. I wish for people who eat them to have a chance to listen to Buddhism.”

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #06 | 2011, From USA to The Buddhist Village, This Summer, Too

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