“Seeing New Shinran Centers, We Got Motivated to Build a New Temple for Ourselves”

Last year Shinran followers from the northeast of Japan visited the new Shinran Center in Toyama several times on their way to The Two-Thousand-Mat Hall. They experienced a healing atmosphere in the center when they sponsored a gathering there for Shinran followers in September; their will to build a Shinran center for themselves grew stronger. “I got motivated to build a new Shinran center in Iwate. I was especially impressed by the wonderful appearance of the Buddhist altar. It was very befitting of the center,” says Yukie Horiuchi who visited the center. “Also, we wanted a place where we could have Buddhist discussions for as long as we desired. We felt sorry when we could not rent a room for our missionary to take breaks in the places we rented for the lectures. We wanted to build a center where we could have lunch and talk together.” People’s desire to build such a Shinran Center as soon as possible got stronger and stronger and now they are having meetings about it. We are looking forward to hearing the news about other Shinran centers

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #25 | 2013, “Seeing New Shinran Centers, We Got Motivated to Build a New Temple for Ourselves”

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