Thank You for Bringing Me into This World

Learning the Great Debt of Gratitude to Parents

Many children got together at the Shinran Center in Hiroshima. There were watermelon splitting and games in the afternoon and the children became good friends even though some of them met for the first time.

Missionary Chiemi Shimazu (in the back row on the far left) said, “I hear many Shinran Followers wish their children and grand children to have a bond with Amida Buddha. We would like this Shinran Center to be a place where we can deepen our ties with Amida Buddha.”

On August 10, there was a gathering for children ranging from toddlers to junior high school students, where they all learned ‘The Ten Great Debts of Gratitude to Our Parents’. After the lecture, each child wrote a letter to their parents to show their appreciation.

Ms. Sachiko Okuda, 75 years old, says seeing her grandchild writing a letter to her mother with an earnest expression made her very happy. “When I was a child, I used to attend Sunday school, so it’s been my dream to hold events for parents and kids at our Shinran Center,” said Sachiko.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #33 | 2013, Thank You for Bringing Me into This World

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