New Shinran Center in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture

Major cleanup by Shinran followers before the opening ceremony

The news of the inauguration ceremony for the completion of a Shinran Center in Noto in Nanao-city, Ishikawa prefecture spread throughout Japan and blazed Shinran followers’ enthusiasm to repay the great compassion of Amida and the grace of the teachers. Our prime task as Shinran followers is to let the existence of the true teaching of Buddhism be known by “Shinshu refugees”, those who seek for the true teaching of Master Shinran but cannot find it anywhere. Let us read some topics on how the construction of Shinran Centers is gathering momentum in various regions.

The glorious two-story Shinran Center sees the sun in Oyabe-City, 20km west of the Shinran Center in Takaoka following the birth of a Shinran Center in Noto. This building used to be an architectural office, but now is reborn to be a perfect center to listen to Buddhism, complete with speaker equipments, an electricallyoperated screen in a 100- square-meter altar room.

On September 10, the remodeling of the building was finished, and is now officially a Shinran Center for followers to listen to Buddhism. For a week, Shinran followers living in Oyabecity gathered and carried equipments in, cleaned up the rooms and pulled up the weeds in the parking lot.

“What a wonderful day! Now Oyabe-city has a Shinran Center. My dream has come true.”

“Our dream is to spread the true teaching of Master Shinran all over Oyabe-city with this place as our gathering center. This is not the end…this is surely the beginning.”

Every Shinran follower showed a smile on their face and excitedly continued sharing their dreams.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #10 | 2011, New Shinran Center in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture

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