You Were Born For A Reason Published in Brazil

The Ardent Wish of Shinran Followers in Brazil has Finally been Realized.

The Portuguese Version of You Were Born For A Reason (see the picture right) came out in São Paulo in the end of March. Master Shinran’s true teachings were translated into Portuguese and placed in bookstores for the first time. Hiroshi Ito, the leader of Shinran-kai’s Brazilian chapter, said, “Fourteen years ago, Takamori-sensei was writing You Were Born For A Reason while he was in Brazil sharing Buddhism with Brazilians. He concentrated on writing all day long in his hotel room. He would leave his room only when it was time to eat. His attitude toward writing the book deeply impressed me, and once it was published, I realized just how important this book is. It took three years of hard work to complete the Portuguese translation. I am deeply moved to see the Portuguese translation finally in print. I think what we Shinran followers in Brazil can do to show our appreciation is to bring this book to our family, relatives, friends, and all other Brazilians.”

Many Brazilian people are interested in Japan. We can expect the book to be a bestseller. This is a new step in the propagation of true Buddhism.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #40 | 2014, You Were Born For A Reason Published in Brazil

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The Buddhist Village Times #40

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