October 16, 2019

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How the Law of Cause and Effect relates to present moment awareness

February 25, 2017

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The Tide of True Pure Land Buddhism Has Changed

April 28, 2019


Followers Pledged Their Commitment To the 55th Anniversary


On May 18 and 19, surrounded by fresh green leaves, Master Shinran’s Gotan-e was held at the 2000-Tatami-Mat Hall. Five years and three months have already passed since Unlocking Tannisho was first published. The fact that there has been no criticism or refutation of the book shows that those who have identified themselves as the orthodox of True Pure Land Buddhism have turned out to be heretics of Master Shinran’s teaching. Meanwhile, Shinran followers, who filled the Hall at Gotan-e, pledged to transmit the true teachings of Master Shinran to the world. 


The lecture was about one of Master Shinran’s poems: “The painful sea of birth and death knows no bounds ~.” 


On the first day of Gotan-e, just after the morning chant, a video, Let All Humanity Know The Purpose of Life, vol. 4, was shown. The self-proclaimed orthodox school of True Pure Land Buddhism, who have long been criticizing Shinrankai as heretical because of our claim that Amida’s salvation is a clear experience, finally remain silent. 


 Now orthodox and heresy are reversed. Another video showed a segment of the lecture at the 20th anniversary gathering, in which Takamori-sensei said, “Let’s change the tide of True Pure Land Buddhism.” Knowing that this declaration from 35 years ago has come true now, the audience couldn’t stop applauding. In the lecture that followed, Takamori-sensei taught us that only Master Shinran’s teachings will save all humanity and repeated that the attendees at the lecture in the 2000-Mat Hall represented the seven billion people around the world. We need to listen to and convey the teachings earnestly. 


Living up to Takamori-sensei’s expectations, the seven participants in the speech contest demonstrated their passion to convey the true teachings. The contest concluded the Gotan-e event.


Source: The Buddhist Village Times #30 | 2013, The Tide of True Pure Land Buddhism Has Changed

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                         The Buddhist Village Times #30

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