"I Want to Stay Commited. I want to Share Buddhism"

One cool night at the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, three hundred spectators were watching the front stage. Several amateur singers took turns and performed in pursuit of winning the competition. After the champion was chosen and the award was given, the organizer of the Karaoke event gave a speech. His name: Alex Bayer.

Alex started listening to Buddhism two years ago after his friend Felix Crosser introduced him to Pure Land Buddhism. Alex says he was very impressed especially by the teaching of the law of cause and effect; in other words, the law of karma.

“Buddhism taught me the relation among the causes, effects and conditions. Now I understand how prevalent and abundant it is. We cannot feel it directly but it affects us in every part of our lives. The law of karma shapes our future. We can practice and control our results (fortune and misfortune).

Now, he is grateful to Felix for introducing him to Buddhism. It was during mid 1990s when they were in middle school (They were in the same carpool) that Felixʼs mother introduced Alex to Felix. Since then, they are good friends. And then about four years ago, Felix encountered Buddhism when he was a student at El Camino College. Alex noticed that Felix started changing little by little. “He seems more appreciative of life. More grounded, more stable and having stronger beliefs and confidence. Overall, much more energetic and present to his life and to his purpose. He has more direction.” It is great to see people becoming vigorous after realizing the purpose of life.

Alex thought, “If Buddhism has such a profound effect on Felix and his life, then I want Buddhism to have a similar effect on me as well.” Felix was very trustworthy to him. Felix told him, “Just come to the temple and be open-minded. Just listen.” Alex finally went to the temple and Buddhism has changed his perspective ever since. He became a member last May. “Iʼd like to continue the practices that Iʼm learning in Buddhism; for example reading the translated books and practicing the six paramitas. I want to stay committed. I want to share Buddhism and lead by example. I think thatʼs the best way,” he says.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #22 | 2012, "I Want to Stay Commited. I want to Share Buddhism"

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The Buddhist Village Times #22

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