A New Shinran Center Opens in Nanto, Toyama

Another Shinran Center project has started in Yakeno in Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture. In the vicinity, there is the historic temple, Zuisenji, where Master Rennyo used to visit and stay. The anecdotes of a devout follower, Doshu* , is of epic proportions, who labored through deep snow towards Zuisenji to make it in time for the morning chant on New Yearʼs Day, when Master Rennyo was supposed to preside over the chanting. The story is still being told even today.

Even though the region has strong ties with Buddhism, Buddhist teachings are no longer conveyed at the temples, and even worse, it was there that a sensational conflict in Higashi Hongwanji school took place, when two groups laid claim to the property. With the new Center as their base, local Shinran followers are very eager to revive the “kingdom of True Pureland Buddhism” just as it used to be.

Amida Buddha has provided Nanto-higashi Center (a tentative name) in the Tonami Plains, which is famous for its Sankyo-son—one of the original community styles of farming villages, where farmersʼ houses are irregularly scattered among rice paddies and its beautiful rural landscape. The building covers a space of about 347 square meters, which is almost as large as 200 tatami-mats.

Ms. Eiko Momose, who has been holding a Buddhist lecture at her house in Yakeno for 30 years, is very excited about the new Center, saying, “I have been feeling sorry that only a limited number of people could join the lecture in my house, but now I can invite local people to the Center; as many as I want. Iʼm sure many people who have deep relationships with Amida Buddha will come together.”

Mr. Yasuhiro Saito (56) in Tonami says, “I think this new Center project is a great opportunity granted by Amida Buddha for me to spread the Buddhist teachings in Nanto. I will hurry and get ready to accept the “refugees of True Pureland Buddhism” warmly.

It will not be long before the construction committee will be set up and starts to run for the celebration of the new Center.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #20 | 2012, A New Shinran Center Opens in Nanto, Toyama

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The Buddhist Village Times #20

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