Castle of Namu Amida Butsu appears in Hualian,Taiwan

Amid successive appearances of Shinran Centers throughout Japan, Shinran followers in Taiwan are celebrating the completion of Hualian Shinran Center. It is a great achievement ten years after the Light of True Buddhism was first lit in the eastern city of Hualian. The lecture hall is about forty tatami mats in size. The reinforced concrete, three-storied building has a modern look. Followers in Taiwan are filled with a sense of mission to spread the Vow of the Supreme Buddha from this base.

“From the eyes of the Buddha, we all have a villainous nature. It is unbelievable that we were guided to do such a good deed as to build a Shinran Center. We cannot help but to appreciate Amida Buddha and Master Shinran who have been leading us.” Though expressions are different, all Shinran Followers in Hualian share the same feeling.

Lin Mirei, whose long-time dream has been to build a Shinran Center in Hualian, said to her younger brother: “I would like to build a Shinran Center here in Hualian. Would you like to make an offering for that?” “Absolutely! I will donate the land to build a center for people to listen to Buddhism. Letʼs find a suitable place for that!”

With his heart moved by his sisterʼs reverence toward Buddhism, he willingly decided to make an offering. Soon after that, he found a convenient place which is a five-minute walk from Hualian station, and bought the land at once. The process from design to construction went smoothly. Moved by the Mirei siblings, their Buddhism friend, Sou Mirei, too made an offering.

Finally this movement spread to many people and a sizeable donation was offered. “We hope that this Shinran Center will be the center of spreading Amida Buddhaʼs Vow not only to Hualian, but also to all of Taiwan even for future generations.”

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #21 | 2012, Castle of Namu Amida Butsu appears in Hualian,Taiwan

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The Buddhist Village Times #21

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