A Mysterious Drunken Man Who Guided Ms. N

I met a woman called N, who is in her seventies, at a Buddhist lecture the other day. While she was taking a footbath alone at Ikeda Spa Resort, a drunken man who was nearby had started talking to her. He said, “We can listen to Master Shinran’s teachings in that hall. I went to the entrance, but I’m drunk now and I can’t enter, so you should go there and listen to the lecture instead of me.” Ms. N had this to say about that day. “I have long been asking myself, ‘What will become of me after I die? I have no idea what awaits me in the afterlife, and I want to become clear on it. If I die now, where will I go?’ I had visited Ikeda Spa Resort to take a rest, and then a man there told me about Master Shinran.

Though he was drunk, I thought he was the incarnation of a Buddha.” When I heard that, I trembled to know what deep ties she has with Amida Buddha. Ms. N has been attending our lectures and showings of the animation on Master Shinran ever since. Feeling grateful that I can head for the light together with Master Shinran, I will continue conveying Buddhism.

Noriko Yoshida, Gifu Prefecture

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #50 | 2015, A Mysterious Drunken Man Who Guided Ms. N

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