“The Light of the World” Shines Radiantly in This Evil, Corrupt World

We are all convinced that being rich or famous brings happiness. However, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a preeminent general who once ruled the whole of Japan, built hidden passageways from the bathroom and toilets in his castle so that he could escape anytime. He always felt insecure, and I even assume that he suffered more than ordinary people.

Furthermore, the other day, an old man committed suicide by setting himself on fire in a bullet train, which is an embodiment of cutting-edge technology. I felt that this case symbolizes the collapse of material happiness and shows the tragedy of human beings, who are continuously running in a dark tunnel without an exit.

Those who feel there is no true happiness in this world rely on religions such as “funeral Buddhism”―which thrives on funerals, memorial services, and sutra chanting―or Christianity or Islam. They hope for a happy life after death, believing that they will go to “heaven” or “paradise” after they die, though it is nothing more than a hope.

However, only Master Shinran conveyed the teaching of heizei gojo, which is that Amida’s Primal Vow is the promise to save all beings into absolute happiness instantaneously in this life. He also made the ringing declaration that Amida’s Vow is true.He is indeed “the light of the world”.

Greece, the origin of Western philosophy, has suffered a financial collapse. Wars grounded on vengeance in the name of God have occurred repeatedly. In this evil, corrupt world, I am convinced that conveying this radiant light is a sacred mission only Shinran Followers can accomplish.

Masao Osajima, Buddhist Teacher

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #56 | 2015, “The Light of the World” Shines Radiantly in This Evil, Corrupt World

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