The Vow of Amida will Embrace Us, Never to Forsake us

No matter what happens in this world, I don't want to be forsaken. The benefit of being held fast, never to be forsaken is what every human being is seeking and what my heart is crying out for. No matter how much we wish to remain healthy, young, and beautiful, there will surely come a day when we will not be able to maintain these things any more.

We always hear on the news about people crying because they have been forsaken by the people or things they placed their faith in. Sometimes we hear about children being abused by their parents, who were supposed to love and nurture them. We hear about middle school students who are killed by their own school friends too. My heart aches to think of parents whose children turn out to be killers.

We all hope not to be disliked or forsaken, and to be wanted and needed. But sadly everything in this world will change, and there is not a single exception to this. Sooner or later we will have to say goodbye to all. There is nothing else in this world we should seek out but the Vow of Amida, which will never forsake us. Nevertheless, we do not understand Amida’s true intention and try to run away from it. How very foolish of us.

Yet Amida will never give up on us. Amida Buddha will pursue us until we have nowhere to run to. I am sure that Amida Buddha’s power is the only way we will ever be saved. I will pursue the path of listening to Buddhism, which is the sole way to salvation.

Yuka Ogawa, Buddhist Teacher

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #52 | 2015, The Vow of Amida will Embrace Us, Never to Forsake us

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