Why People Turn to False Beliefs and Waste Their Efforts

Thank you for the webinar the other day. Hearing just how many false beliefs there are in this world made me feel the depth and importance of the Law of Cause and Effect. In the eyes of us deluded beings made entirely of worldly passions, the Law of Cause and Effect looks like nothing more than three lines of words. However, in actuality, if you do not listen to Buddhism many, many times, you will not be able to understand the Law of Cause and Effect.

Although people know to some extent that good deeds bring good results and bad deeds bring bad results, their understanding is limited, and they are confused with regards to what it is that creates our fate. This is why people turn to false beliefs that go against the Law of Cause and Effect, waste their efforts on trying to please gods and animal deities, and continue to experience a painful fate.

One can see from this that not understanding the Law of Cause and Effect has awful consequences. This Law is something that all people must know. There is no alternative for all people but to come to understand this foundation of Buddhism, enter the gate of the 19th Vow, and turn only to the Buddha of Immeasurable Life.

During this lecture in the 2,000-Tatami-Mat Hall, I tried listening in Japanese, without the English translation, for the first time. Though my Japanese is still not great, I was pleased to discover that I was able to understand quite a fair portion of the lecture. I will do my best in my Japanese studies so I can properly understand your lectures, and I will continue to move towards the light.

Nichola Gant, Britain

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #45 | 2014, Why People Turn to False Beliefs and Waste Their Efforts

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