Serious Question on Life Arises due to Amida’s Light

Thank you for your lectures. I am glad to see you looking so well. Recently I had the thought, “why do people struggle so hard to continue to live?” I cannot express such thoughts to anyone, except to Shinran followers. Other people might think I am pessimistic or suicidal.

But I think I had this profound thought due to the light of Amida Buddha going deeper into my mind. Since life is impermanent, why do we struggle so hard to live? This is an obvious question to me now, and can only be answered by the teachings of Master Shinran.

In your recent lecture on the five-fold path, I learned that in order for Shukuzen to be deepened, we need to do good deeds with the thought of being born in the Pure Land. I learned when doing good deeds the mindset is very important. I want my Shukuzen to be deepened as soon as possible, so now I know how to do it. Thank you for your clear explanation. I realize I must follow the teaching of Buddhism as literally as possible in order to move faster to Amida’s salvation in this lifetime.

Recently I enjoy writing about Buddhism a lot and each month I write a column for the English Buddhist newspaper. And I also enjoy teaching a class.

Recently your “Thoughts on the New Year” was translated into English, and I gave a presentation of it to the Sunday afternoon class. The audience were happy to hear the depth of the content.

Frank Costelloe

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #27 | 2013, Serious Question on Life Arises due to Amida’s Light

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