Coming to See My True Self

One of my Buddhist friends whom I talked with the other day was looking forward to go to the 2,000-Tatami-Mat Hall on the 750th memorial anniversary of Master Shinran. However, he did not have a chance to even attend the Memorial Lecture in August. The Wind of impermanence blows suddenly against us regardless of our own convenience. This teaching of Buddhism came home to me. If the wind of impermanence blows against me tonight, where would I be this time tomorrow? We have no true relief at all unless we are Coming to See My True Self Kenji Ishimura, Taiwan sure about what happens after death, which is the 100% certain future for all of us. What happens after we die? Sakyamuni Buddha clearly answers this question which all humankinds crave for in the sutra of the law of cause and effect of the three worlds:

“If you wish to know the effects in your future life, see its cause in your present life.”

The more closely we look at ourselves in the present life, the clearer we can see what the future life (the afterlife) will be like. However, whenever we face hardships or predicaments, our mind adamantly refuses to accept the law of cause and effect by saying or thinking

“It is his fault, of course!!” or “I wish she had never said that!”

I even feel sad by thinking that this mind never ends no matter how much I listen to Buddhism. Yet, As long as I believe that “other’s causes bring my effects”, I will never have the chance to reflect on myself which in turn means I cannot proceed on the path of listening to Buddhism.

I will walk toward light until I come to know the reality of my deeds through the power of Amida Buddha.

Kenji Ishimura, Taiwan

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #09 | 2011, Coming to See My True Self

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