Is Death an Easy Journey?

Death, our 100% certain future, draws closer with every moment. We have absolutely no idea about what the future holds. In an attempt to erase and beautify our state of anxiety over this, we do all sorts of things to prepare ourselves for the end of our lives, like writing up a will or making funeral arrangements. But what about that which comes afterwards?

For every person who says, “When you die, that’s the end,” there is another who says, “We become a thousand winds and fly about in the air.” We may also call death “going on a journey” in an attempt to convince ourselves that death is not painful because it just means going to some peaceful land somewhere. However, Master Rennyo made it clear in one of his letters that the journey of death is not like this. He said, “At the end of the mountain road of death, one must cross the river all alone.”

Our destination is the pitch-dark afterlife, which means we have a crucial issue after we die. Buddhism teaches this as ‘the crucial matter of the afterlife’.I will keep moving forward on the straight path of listening to Buddhism so that my crucial matter of the afterlife may be resolved and I am saved into a state of vast security and complete fulfillment even a minute or a second sooner

Keita Arakawa, Aichi

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #42 | 2013, Is Death an Easy Journey?

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