The Teaching of “Turning toward and Believing in Amida Alone”

Though there are many people in the world, they all can be divided into two categories: wise and foolish. I learned from the lecture that “wise” people are those who know about what will happen in the afterlife, while “foolish” people are those who do not know about what will happen in the afterlife. In both cases, the crucial word is “the afterlife.” The previous year is over. Time passes so quickly. Three months of this year are already gone. Day by day we are approaching the afterlife. Although the afterlife is a certain future for all people, we do not clearly know what will happen. Neither being praised by others nor having money and possessions will enlighten us about our most certain future. Genshin, who had received both, was reproached by his mother for this. Saddened by his actions, she wrote to him, “You must become a priest who is a bridge between all people and the afterlife.” Śākyamuni Buddha, Master Shinran and all true teachers of Buddhism taught that in order to become “wise” people, we must turn to and believe only in Amida Buddha. I must keep this in my mind in the morning and evening while I am chanting the line “Henki annyo kan’issai (偏帰安養勧一 切)” from the chant book.

Ilona Yakimenko, Russia

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #39 | 2014, The Teaching of “Turning toward and Believing in Amida Alone”

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