The Root Cause of Suffering is the Disease of Mind that is Deeply Tangled

A Wonder Medicine for a Disease That Has No Symptoms Hiroshi Saito, Ishikawa

When we know that we are sick, we are sure to see a doctor and take the medicine that is prescribed. If we are totally unaware that we are sick, not only will we not take any medicine, we wouldn’t even go to see a doctor in the first place. Yet Amida Buddha has been pushing me towards the 2,000-Tatami-Mat Hall so that I can receive “a medical examination” of my horrible disease of the Dark Mind, though I have no awareness of it. Amida Buddha has also been trying to give me the medicine of Namu-Amida-Butsu, which can cure my spiritual disease completely. Moreover, it is Komyo-Chiso (Amida Buddha’s great power) that enables us to take the medicine.

I am filled with gratitude to Amida Buddha, who has prepared everything that I need in order to attain absolute happiness. Master Shinran teaches us that it is very difficult to meet a true Buddhist master, who teaches that our root cause of suffering is the doubting mind (the mind which doubts the Vow of Amida Buddha.) However, now I know the true cause of my suffering: the doubting mind.

If we realize only right before our death that Buddhism is the one and only truth, it will be too late. Keeping in mind that “now” is the most important moment, I will move towards the light.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #42 | 2014, The Root Cause of Suffering is the Disease of Mind that is Deeply Tangled

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