The World will be One Under the “Supreme Dharma” of Mahayana

Two Buddhist Teachers, the Head of the Managerial Section and the Head of the PR Section, respectively set forth on expeditions to the USA and Taiwan at the invitations of Shinran Followers abroad.

The Head of the Managerial Section, Mr. Yoshimura, visited the United States from November 10, and the Head of the PR Section, Mr. Watanabe, visited Taiwan from November 12 to hold Ho’on’ko. Both teachers devoted all their time and energy to giving lectures during their oneweek visits, meetings and Q & A sessions before returning to Japan.

Mr. Yoshimura arrived in the evening of November 10 at Los Angeles Airport and the next day he held a meeting for executive members at the Shinran Center in Los Angeles. He stressed the importance of practicing the spirit of Jiri Rita (benefiting oneself through benefiting others), which is the foundational principle of Mahayana Buddhism, and the importance of sharing the teachings with people accurately and promptly.

In the afternoon of November 12, a Buddhist lecture was held in the Community Room of Palos Verdes Library. Many participants showed a strong interest in the lifetime story of Śākyamuni Buddha. One married couple, who were attending for the first time, commented, “We had been visiting a Tibetan Buddhist temple for a long time, but we have just made up our minds to visit your Buddhist Center from now on.”

On November 14, a study session was held at the house of Ms. Teruko Omori. Her husband Kris asked a question: “Why do we meet certain people at certain places at certain period in our lifetime?” This question was answered through an explanation of The Law of Cause and Effect, and Kris was struck by the consistency in the mechanism of how our destiny unfolds.

In the evening of the same day, Shinran Follower Viria hosted a welcome dinner. Many participants enjoyed the dinner and friendly conversations with Shinran Followers as well as the Q&A session by Mr. Yoshimura. He gave detailed answers to questions on such things as enlightenment and what a Buddha is, and guests nodded in understanding.

“Turn to Him and Believe Single-Mindedly” The Light of the World

On November 15, another study session was held for the English-speaking Followers on the reason why Master Shinran is considered to be the “light of the world.”

Participants were deeply moved by the concluding statement of Buddhism, “Turn to and believe in the Buddha of Immeasurable Life alone (be saved by believing in Amida Buddha alone).” They learned that Master Shinran devoted his entire life to conveying this concluding statement of Buddhism more clearly than anyone else.

On November 16, a lecture was held at the Shinran Center of Los Angeles. The lecture hall there was filled to capacity. The Buddhist Teacher in charge of the USA, Mr. Hideki Harigai, said, “We were granted precious opportunities to listen to topics varying from the foundation of Buddhism to ‘salvation while still alive,’ which is the core of Master Shinran’s teachings. Showing smiles and speaking words of kindness, Shinran Followers here in the US asked their friends to join them for these various events during Mr. Yoshimura’s visit to Los Angeles. They are more eager than ever to share Buddhism, not only with their families but also with all people living in the United States.”

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #48 | 2015, The World will be One Under the “Supreme Dharma” of Mahayana

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