I Try to be Loyal to the Teachings

As I sit here writing a note of gratitude, I wonder about all other beings who suffer as I do. My family, friends, complete strangers, you, and I. Amida's great compassion to annihilate suffering is truly an amazing grace. It has been said Amida's Light has always called me; this I believe as truth for I have always felt it.

I am deeply grateful to the Buddhist teachers who have given time to help de-obstruct my mindset. How relevant are the words and teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, the absolute truth of Amida's true compassion. I am grateful for Master Shinran's teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha's pure words, and all the effort Master Shinran took to be an example rather than just words.

As I suffer, my true heart has always been loyal to Amida, my past karmas, deluded mind, and worldly passions are all lessons that help me open my mind even more with the lessons of the Dharma and Amida.

Priscilla Corral, Los Angeles

Looking for Happiness, from Chile to the U.S.

Gustavo Gonzales was born in Santiago, the capital of Chile, South America, which is the longest country in the world. In his high school days, he was crazy about punk rock. He sometimes ran away from home and drove around all night, but his heart was never satisfied.

This March, he went to the U.S. and got a job at an electrical products company. He did well in his job, but his sense of emptiness did not disappear. He began to think, “I need to purify my soul,” and when he searched for Buddhism online, he came across a Buddhist teacher belonging to Shinrankai. He was surprised to know that the Los Angeles Shinran Center is located within ten minutes by car from his place. When he went there, he was deeply impressed upon hearing a Buddhist lecture and chanting for the first time. Gustavo became a Shinran Follower right away. He says with enthusiasm, “I’ll listen to Buddhism until I am put on board the ship of Amida’s great compassion.” He has started to convey the Buddhist teachings to his family in Chile.

Gustavo Gonzales (28)

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #59 | 2016, I Try to be Loyal to the Teachings

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