A New Missionary in Los Angeles: Kouhei Harada

The other day we had a short interview with Missionary Kouhei Harada:

Q. What are your hobbies if any?

A. I’ve enjoyed listening to music since my childhood. My hobbies in the past were skiing, playing with Rubik’s Cube, and playing the electric guitar.

Q. What kind of food do you like?

A. I like yogurt, pumpkin dishes and stew.

Q. Do you have any particular sports that you like to watch?

A. I like to watch K-1 fight on TV.

Q. Do you have any special talent?

A. I think getting myself psyched up by myself might be the one.

Q. What kind of music do you like?

A. I have a wide range of preference for music. I like rock music including hard rock or heavy metal, Jazz fusion, pop fusion, classical music and techno pop music. Among these I really like to play classical music with the electric guitar with rapid speed. It is so refreshing.

Q. Tell us about some aspects of American culture or the language that you like and dislike.

A. One thing I notice when I drive a car is that their driving manner seems more gentlemanlike. When I walk on the street, even a total stranger greets me cheerfully, which makes me feel so good. The climate of southern California is also very crisp and comfortable. I don’t have any bad feeling about the USA so far.

Q. What is the principle you live your life by?

A. Well, I spare no effort in creating harmonious relations among the followers.

Q. Regarding the welcome party for you in Los Angeles, do you have something to tell us?

A. The inconceivable power of Amida Buddha’s Vow which saves all human beings to eternal happiness is beyond our imagination. Without the experience of being saved and deep background knowledge on Buddhism, nobody can achieve this great mission of sharing the teaching all over the world precisely and to as many people as possible. Now we have those books on Amida Buddha’s compassion in English. Let us work hard and convey them throughout the USA!

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #12 | 2012, A New Missionary in Los Angeles: Kouhei Harada

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