A Revolution in Brazil

New Book Generates a Buzz

The Portuguese version of Something You Forgot Along the Way has been published in Brazil. “Now I can convey Buddhism to my beloved family!” Brazilian Shinran followersʼ dream has now come true. Kentetsu Takamori senseiʼs book was translated into Portuguese and published from Brazilʼs publishing company Satori at the end of April. Titled Hikari ni mukatte in Japanese, this book became a best-seller, selling more than 700,000 books in Japan. So this book drew attention from TV, radio programs and newspapers. That impact was huge in Brazil, too, and 300 books sold out in two hours at the publishing event held at a big book store in Sao Paulo. On April 29, Shinran followers gathering at Sao Paulo Shinran Center were filled with joy with this publication.

Mr. Masaaki Egashira who moved to Brazil from Japan 50 years ago said, “We have finally received a long-awaited treasure” and told us the following: “What is the most painful thing in the world is to not be able to convey true Buddhism to our beloved family. I encountered true Buddhism which is such a blessing to hear but my wife and children do not understand Japanese. Iʼve been wanting so badly to share Buddhism with my beloved family but there was no way to convey. There is no suffering greater than this. Every Japanese first generation in Brazil is deeply distressed. Finally our longtime wish is realized and Takamori Senseiʼs book is translated into Portuguese. I bought one from a bookstore and came home right after; then my wife started reading the book. I was really moved to see her reading the book. Now I can see the future. And I will be able to convey Buddhism!” And Ms. Fumiko Tsuchii says “I have read Hikari ni Mukatte in Japanese but of course it is easier for me to understand in Portuguese. There were some stories I could not understand in Japanese but now Iʼm able to understand because of the Portuguese translation.” Responding to Brazilian followerʼs earnest desire, the second volume of Hikari ni mukatte and YOU WERE BORN FOR A REASON are expected to be published soon. You can say that now is a great turning point for Brazilian Shinran followers to understand Buddhism more deeply and also to convey true Buddhism to their children and grand children.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #18 | 2012, A Revolution in Brazil

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