What Decides Our Destiny is The Center of Our Interest

Some say it is God that decides our destiny, while others say it is our ancestors, or foxes or raccoon dogs. In a time when such superstitions are thriving, Buddhism teaches Ji go ji toku: ‘my deeds create my destiny.’ In the webinar on June 29, Takamori-sensei taught us the relationship between our deeds and our destiny, which is that good deeds bring good results, bad deeds bring bad results, and my deeds bring my results. This permeates not only this world, but also the three worlds. Let’s review the lecture through these letters.

Who Decided When and Where I Was Born

People are killed and injured in many wars around the world. The situations are so terrible that we cannot help turning our faces away from the news. Why did I have to be at such a terrible place? Why did I have to be born there? Who decided when and where I was born? These must be what human beings want to know the most.

Buddhism teaches us the law of cause and effect, which permeates the three worlds and the ten directions. It explains that I am an eternal flow of life which continues from the distant past to the distant future. My deeds turn into invisible and indestructible karmic seeds, which are stored in my eternal life force and create my destiny.

Everything that is happening in my life is brought about by what I myself have done in the past. It is not determined by God and nor is it due to a curse from my ancestors. If we were not blessed with the opportunity to listen to Buddhism, we could never know this truth. It gives me a shiver to think that I would have never known the truth, had I not met with Buddhism.


(Shinrankai Support Staff), Toyama

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #44 | 2014, What Decides Our Destiny is The Center of Our Interest

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