October 16, 2019

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How the Law of Cause and Effect relates to present moment awareness

February 25, 2017

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Dramatic Shifts Taking Place Since Its Completion

January 29, 2019


10-year Aniversary of The 2000-Tatami-Mat Hall


Presenting quotes from Master Shinran and conveying their meanings word for word” is the one and only path for a Shinran Follower. The 2,000-Tatami-Mat Hall has played a major role in the great strides of Shinrankai and countless other stories. In particular, landmark Shinran Centers in Maedamachi (1957), Yoshino (1974) and Kosugi (1988) have played a dominant role in gaining momentum over time to convey true Buddhism to all people. 10 years have already passed since the 2,000-Tatami- Mat Hall was completed. During this time, we have witnessed unprecedented marvelous changes inside and outside the organization. Let us take a look at remarkable events among them.



Source: The Buddhist Village Times #49 | 2015, Dramatic Shifts Taking Place Since Its Completion

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