Life's voyage heading toward the fall

Life's voyage heading toward the fall

All people are living every day in order to attain happiness, no matter what nationality, race or age they are. It doesnʼt matter whether one is wealthy or not. All people have the same mind, which is to attain happiness. However, everything that we rely on will collapse, betray us, and thrust suffering upon us without exception.

Even if things last for a while, at the moment of death, everything will be destroyed in its entirety. So even though we are seeking happiness, in actuality, we are headed towards tragedy. Thatʼs why it canʼt be helped saying that this is a big contradiction.

There is no time to drink and eat something because our life is like boarding a ship which is heading toward the fall of suffering. I realized that the teaching of Master Shinran is the light of humankind. He clarified the answer to the most important question -Why we live?-

Yoshiyuki Ohguchi (A member of Shinran Center's Honor Society) Nagano, Japan

To save humankind, bound for destruction that is the meaning of my existence

Without believing in something, we cannot live -- this is how human beings are. However, it is tragic to live and believe that something that betrays does not betray.

In the lecture I heard: “Is there somewhere something that can make me happy?”—seeking and being betrayed, it was not only I who has been crying. Humankind of all ages and countries believe in things that one hundred percent will betray. However, Master Shinran clearly teaches us about the happiness that will never betray. And so my mission is to share the teaching of Master Shinran with one and all. Other than this, there is no meaning to my existence.

Missionary Yasuko Yamamoto Toyama, Japan

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