Do Not Let It End As Just A Disaster

My job is to provide counseling for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake in Sendai. We visit and listen to people who lost their loved ones, houses, and hometowns in the tsunami. As these disaster victims have lost their strength to live, we do our best to give them motivation by providing them with a place to live.

However, there are many who feel they cannot be content just with a motivation in life. Yet despite this, these motivations in life are all they know, so they are suffering due to not knowing what it is that they should pursue. Those who provide assistance to the victims also do not know which direction to point them in, and they feel ineffective as a result.

At the Youth Congregation, I learned that it is impossible to go after why we live without thinking about how we live.

I sincerely feel that we have to convey Buddhism especially to those whose experience of disasters have made them starkly aware of the fleeting nature of this world, unstable as a burning house. Such people do not find fulfillment in pursuing goals or hobbies and are seeking true happiness. We cannot let this end merely as a disaster. I will do my best to turn this disaster into a chance to let many people know about Master Shinran’s teachings.

Aki Hasegawa, Miyagi

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #65 | 2016, Do Not Let It End As Just A Disaster

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