Amida’s Vow is True and Real! (Part 4)

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Shinran followers Cannot Stay Still Bita Asakura

I was very happy to join the Ho’on’ko Event in Japan in October 2012. Thank you for this rare and noble opportunity to commemorate Master Shinran’s passing by teaching us the true meaning of his words. “Ho’on’ko” can be translated as a “Thanksgiving Lecture.” Our lives are indeed sustained thanks to various people, animals, or things. But what we are most indebted to are the teachings of Master Shinran. “How genuine! The true words of Amida that embrace us and never forsake us (Master Shinran).” However, we are constantly running away from the true words of Amida. And such us will be “embraced.” Even while listening to Buddhism, our minds wander about in every possible direction. There is no moment of stillness. It is revealed to me that I have no possibility for salvation with a mind such as this. Takamori Sensei’s lecture delivered so passionately made me feel the presence of the Buddha Amida who chases after us and grasps us. Filled with joy, I returned to the USA. As US sanctions against Iran are getting worse, I only hear voices of sadness and despair around me. This is why we Shinran followers cannot stay still. Until all people come to see the veracity of Amida’s Vow, I will make effort listening to Buddhism for myself and sharing it with others. Just imagining the mind from which the darkness of no light is dispelled fills one up with joy. Please continue providing us with your guidance and take good care. Los Angeles

Happiness of Being Guided by Buddhist Teachers Alice Marsh

What are we indebted for to Master Shinran? You elaborated on the beginning passage of Master Shinran’s major work, Teaching, Practice, Faith, Enlightnment, at the Thanksgiving lecture. I don’t think it’s too much to say that all the population on earth, the number of which adds up to seven billion, were born as humans to listen to this teaching. But I wonder what they are doing now without trying to listen to it. Among such people, why was I able to have such a precious chance to listen to your two-day lecture? My bond with Buddhism is full of mystery. Still so many people don’t know the existence of The Two-Thousand-Mat Hall in Toyama. We have to convey to people that the answer to “why we live” is addressed here in detail. Listening to the speech contest on the second day, I was convinced that still many people are searching for the answer to “why we live”. We learned that Amida Buddha has pledged to chase those who are running away from him and capture them to save them. I was very sorry when I sensed my mind flying around in the universe though my body was sitting still while listening to your lecture. But one thing I’m sure is I’m being guided by not only Master Shinran who tells us to listen and believe without hesitation or delay, but also Master Rennyo who tells us “In Buddhism, listening is of utmost importance,” and also by you, Takamori Sensei, who, during the two-day lecture, made such enormous efforts to deliver such a passionate sermon. Thanks to these Buddhist teachers, I can proceed toward the light. My bond with Buddhism is literally a wonder. I’m so grateful. Missionary in Brazil

The Vast and Deep Compassion of Amida Kaori Nozakidrop

“How genuine, the true words of Amida, that embrace us and never forsake us, the absolute doctrine that is peerless and transcendent! Listen and believe without hesitation or delay.” What beautiful sentences! Even if we don’t understand its exact meaning, its flow and elegant style are so attractive, which reflects Master Shinran’s strong mind. But it is only we Shinran followers who come to realize that this passage is his soulful outpouring that expresses the purpose of life to all of us. What a blessing! I was especially moved to hear that the word “How genuine” indicates the moment of achieving his life’s purpose. When something trivial happens to me, it disturbs my mind and lowers my motivation to listen to Buddhism. But now I can hear Master Shinran and Takamori Sensei encouraging such a weak person like me not to waste time or come to a standstill, saying “Listen and believe without hesitation or delay.” The more I see the boundless compassion of Amida, the more happiness of having met true Buddhism wells up from my heart during the lecture. I have made a fresh resolve. I will try to share this excitement with as many people as possible in Singapore. Singapore

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #23 | 2013, Amida’s Vow is True and Real! (Part 3)

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