Amida’s Vow is True and Real! (Part 2)

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Tears Overflow without Cease Akiko Hijikata

I learned that the “true words that embrace us and never forsake us” are the Primal Vow of Amida Buddha, who vowed to bring all people into absolute happiness without fail, chasing after us as we use every pretext to evade him, grasping us and bringing us into salvation. “Amida’s Vow is genuine, it is no lie!” Deeply struck by the words Master Shinran uttered as the inconceivable nature of Amida’s Vow was made known to him, I felt my tears overflow without stopping. Master Shinran’s words, founded on the great premise of the truth of Amida’s Vow, are unshakable, filled with extraordinary strength. It makes me happy beyond all compare to have met Takamori Sensei, who explains with such great clarity a world which no one could possibly know without having encountered Amida’s salvation. The singular truth of Amida’s Vow is proclaimed in The Two-Thousand-Mat Hall. The world is full of people who do not know that the truth of achieving salvation in this lifetime is being revealed here in this sacred hall of Buddhism. I feel impelled to tell as many as I can. (Dr. C) Missionary

Life’s Cruel End Kyoko Sato

I work in a hospital, a place that is indeed a sea of suffering. I have seen a company executive, a fire chief, and other men shed tears of anguish when they were paralyzed by a stroke or other serious disease. Men who in their prime took pride in their authority, leading any number of subordinates, are reduced to having their diaper changed by a nurse in her twenties and relying on others to feed them. What did such people’s lives amount to in the end, I cannot help asking myself. “If I only have this, I will be happy,” they supposed, and spent their lives seeking things, only to die betrayed by all in the end. Nothing could darkbe so wretched as such a life. In the midst of all that, Shinran cries, “Here is a great ship, hurry and get in!” His words are indeed genuine, it was brought home to me. (Dr. C) Toyama

Flattering Myself that I Seek the Truth Yuki Oi

Why am I not yet saved? I was intensely moved to hear that Master Shinran answered that question with the single character 摂 setsu. The concept of running around seeking escape was explained in both physical and mental terms. It shocked me to learn that even after I come to The Two-Thousand-Mat Hall to listen to Buddhism, the reason my mind thinks of other things is because I am desperately seeking to run away from Amida’s salvation. Until now I have flattered myself, supposing I was going to great lengths to devote my money, my time, and my strength to seeking Amida’s salvation. Now when I think that Amida Buddha is chasing after me with tremendous force and seeking to catch me, I am filled with helpless gratitude. (Dr. C) Saitama

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Source: The Buddhist Village Times #23 | 2013, Amida’s Vow is True and Real! (Part 2)

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