The Great Dharma Wheel Rolls into the Capital of Brazil

On arriving in Brazil, July 7, without taking a rest, Missionary Chief Mitsuharu Takamori delivered a lecture on Master Shinran’s teachings to Shinran followers of Brazil. Many people attended the celebration of Master Shinran’s birth at Sao Paulo Hall and the branch’s opening ceremony in the capital, Brasilia. His lecture added momentum to attend Mater Shinran’s 750 years commemorative lecture in 2000- Tatami-Mat Hall.

Full of Enthusiasm! Missionary Chief Takamori’s 12-Day Mission

During his stay in Brazil for 12 days, Missionary Chief Takamori held meetings and lectures every day in three places: Sao Paulo, Curitiba, and Brasilia Since day and night time in Brazil is the reverse from that of Japan, web conferences are held in the middle of the night. In a tough missionary schedule including a few all-night sessions, he taught what it is to repay the debt of gratitude for Master Shinran in the 750th anniversary of his death. His hard work lit a fire in Brazilian followers’ enthusiasm for listening to Buddhism. Even some followers, who were hesitating to attend the lecture in Japan for various reasons, became eager to come and listen to the lecture in the 2000-Tatami-Mat Hall and applied for the tour to Japan. They have renewed their vows to repay their debts of gratitude in the 750th anniversary. Considering that fewer and fewer Brazilian followers understand Japanese language, he used photographs and a large screen with subtitles in Portuguese to explain the lectures or meetings. Attendees who listened through interpretation said gladly that the speech was very understandable. Completing the entire schedule, Missionary Chief returned to Japan on July 20.

Source: The Buddhist Village Times #08 | 2011, The Great Dharma Wheel Rolls into the Capital of Brazil

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The Buddhist Village Times #08

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